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Guidelines for Hiking With the Trails Club

The Trails Club of Rossmoor is composed of people who want to hike, not as individuals, but with a group for fun, safety, and camaraderie. We hike together and care for each other on the trail.

  • Each group (Ambler, Rambler, Trekker, Scrambler) has a leader and a sweep.

  • The Leader will periodically stop for water breaks, rest, and to close the gap between hikers as necessary.

  • The Leader will stop at all intersections to ensure everyone stays on the correct trail.

  • Anyone needing a "bush break" is to inform the sweep, who will wait for them to return to the group.

  • All hikers will stay within visual and audible distance of the hiker in front and behind them.

  • Any hiker needing to return to the trailhead will be accompanied by at least one other hiker.

  • Bringing a cell phone on the hike is recommended.

  • Two-way radios are available. Harriet Schwartz has them ready for use. Call her at 201-563-6019 to make arrangements in advance of any hike.

Guidelines approved 03/14/2018

Hike Leader Authority

Hike leaders are responsible for choosing the hiking trail and leading the group. Based on their best judgment that a hiker is not physically capable of completing the hike and/or is not properly equipped for the hike (water, poles, shoes, etc.), the leader has the authority to deny participation in the hike. 

During the hike, each hiker must follow the hike leader’s directions concerning any aspect of the hike. 

Each hiker assumes all risks involved in the activities of the group and is responsible for his or her own health and safety.

Policy approved 03/14/201

Guest Policy

A guest of a Trails Club of Rossmoor Member may hike with the Club under the following circumstances:

  • It is strongly recommended that a Trails Club member call the hike leader at least one day in advance of the hike to inform the hike leader that s/he would like to bring a guest on that hike leader's hike. 

  • Permission will be granted by the hike leader after the guest and the Club member sign and date the Guest Waiver Form which includes the guest's emergency phone number.

  • The Hike leader will staple the Guest Waiver Form to the Sign Up Sheet for that day.

  • A folder with the Guest Waiver Form  will be kept in the Trails Club Box at Gateway and maintained by the Membership Committee.

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