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Hydrate the day before you hike too!

Each hiker MUST have minimum 24 ou of water to go on a Club hike.

Leaders: Change hike plans if heat is a concern - shorten distance, leave early, find alternative location, stop for extra water breaks. Quarterly Captains can update hike descriptions and alert signups as needed. Make sure you have a Sweep in case someone needs to stop and drink/rest/snack.

Hikers: Take extra precautions - bring more water and add electrolyte tablets, wear light clothing and sun protection, have a chilled cool towel handy, etc. If you start feeling nauseous, dizzy or weak while hiking, stop and alert the person next to you so they can tell the Leader and/or Sweep.

Amblers  Ramblers  Trekkers  Scramblers Calendar - phone version

Hikers should be at Gateway departure point by 8:45 AM on hike days to sign in.

Departure time 9:00 AM UNLESS otherwise noted.

Trails Club of Rossmoor 1001 Golden Rain Road Walnut Creek, CA 94595

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