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Club members often get confused about the difference between the website and the Club Calendar. Each is a separate tool and has it's own login. While no one is required to log into either tool, doing so will allow you to see and do things you can't without logging in - like viewing the Club Directory and removing your hike sign-up when plans change.

There is also some confusion caused by the type of device members are using.  If you only use your phone or iPad to access the club website and/or calendar - you should do so from the Apps NOT from a browser screen. Web tools display and act differently depending on which type of device you're using.

Finally what browser and OS (operating system) and version you are using impact user experience.  As always, if you're having problems doing basic things like viewing the webpage or the calendar, please let us know!

Below is a list of steps for commonly asked How-Tos. Both our website and our Club Calendar tools also have generic help links for their applications.

Log Into the Website when using a computer or laptop

Note: If you're using a smart phone or pad use the WildApricot and TeamUp apps (see below)

  1.  Click on the Login button in the upper right corner of any page.

  2.  Click Forgot Password link

  3.  Type in your email and click I am Not a Robot checkbox. Submit.

  4.  An email will be sent to your InBox. If you don't see it, check your Junk/SPAM box.

  5.  The email will include a link to click, which takes you to a page where you can type in a password. Password requirements

    • 12 characters or more
    • both upper and lower case letters
    • at least one number
    • at least one of the following special characters: #?!@$%^&*- 
    • no spaces
  6.  Submit,  then return to the Login button in the upper right corner and log in using your email and new password. Check the Remember Me box so you can stay logged in.

One benefit to logging in, is you will now have access to the complete, up-to-date Club Directory.  The Club will no longer be printing and distributing Directories since they're immediately out of date, so this is the best, easiest way to see and contact fellow members.

Update info about yourself in the Directory - including Group.

  1. Click Login again and you should see an option labeled View Profile. Click it.
  2. On the Profile page, click Edit Profile in the upper left of the screen.
  3. Scroll down till you see info you need to add/update, (e.g. checkboxes for Groups).
  4. Click SAVE in the upper or lower left.

 One fun thing to do is add your headshot to your Profile listing!

View the Directory and Events on your mobile phone
  1. Our website utilizes a club management and website tool named Wild Apricot.  On your Android or IOS phone, go to the App Store and search for Wild Apricot for Members.
  2. Download the App
  3. Log in using your email address and saved password.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see icons for Members, Events, My Tickets and My Profile.
  5. You can edit your Profile on this screen just like you can from a PC or laptop.

Clicking on any name in the Directory will allow you to instantly call or email them by clicking those links.

The Search at the top of the page allows you to search for any name or type in a Group and see all members of that Group!

Sign up for a Hike from your computer or laptop

The Club Hiking Calendar is created using a program named Teamup. It is a separate tool from the website but is embedded in the HOME page.

To view information about each hike, click on the Hike Name. You'll notice hikes are color coded according to Group - Amblers are Blue, Ramblers are Green, Trekkers are Orange and Scramblers are Purple. These colors display differently depending on the type of device and OS (operating system).

Ramblers, Trekkers and Scramblers can sign up for any future hike (Amblers have opted not to enable the SignUp tool). This gives the Hike Leader a better idea of how many hikers, carpools and snacks to plan for.

To sign up for a hike:

  1. Click on the hike name you wish to sign up for.
  2. Click the SignUp button in the upper right corner of the description page. (Alert the Club if this is missing).
  3. Fill in your Full Name and Email Address (this may auto-fill for you after your first SignUp).
  4. Click Save.

You can send info about the hike to your Google or iCal (Apple) calendar by clicking the Share button - this saves entering it yourself!

You can easily use the Club Calendar from the website, without setting up a login. But you need to have logged in to sign up for the hike initially if you want to be able to remove yourself after signing up. 

Setting up the Club Calendar login is a little more complicated than the website.

  1. Click Create a Teamup Account.
  2. Type in your Name, Email, Password, Repeat Password.  Include a capital letter and number for security. You can remain logged in so you won't have to remember this.
  3. Check box for I accept Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.
  4. Click Create New Account

The program will automatically create a blank calendar for you. To link to the Club Calendar:

  1. Click + Add Existing Calendar.
  2. Type in  the URL   then click the Add Calendar button. 

View the Club Calendar on your phone or iPad

It's really handy to be able to view the Club Calendar on your phone when you're away from a computer - especially if you're leading a hike and want to see who signed up. 

Download the TeamUp app from the App Store on your iPhone or Android phone or pad.

Following are links to step-by-step tutorials that walk you through adding the Club Calendar after you've installed the app and are setting up your free account

Apple (IOS) Tutorial

Non-Apple (ANDROID) Tutorial

The program will automatically create a blank calendar for you. To link to the Club Calendar:

  1. Click + Add Existing Calendar.
  2. Type in  the URL   then click the Add Calendar button. 

Remove a SignUp from a hike

If you logged in first when signing up for a hike, you can "unsignup" by logging in again.

After logging in to the calendar, go to the hike you want to unregister for and click Remove next to your name.  Read more about steps here.

Search the Club Calendar

The Club Calendar has a quick search tool, useful when trying to plan a future hike.

To access:

  1. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon  in the upper right corner of the Club Calendar.
  2. Search on any key word mentioned on a hike page like the name of a park, a hike leader, bathroom, etc.

You can filter the search by start and end dates but keep in mind TeamUp only stores 12 months of hike details. 

The results will list all hikes by month with the key word you searched on. Click on the hike name for more info or click the Details checkbox to display info automatically.


If you are having trouble accessing the Club website from your iPhone and/or iPad (not the Apps described above):
  1. Clear your Safari browser caches and browsing data
  2. Reset your Network Settings. Please click here for instructions.
  3. Restart your device
  4. Update your iOS

Accessing the website from these devices is necessary if you want to read the additional Hiking Guides, Handbook or see Club Photos.

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