Hike Mentors

Working alongside a Hike Mentor is a great place for new hike leaders to start.

Hike Mentors have volunteered to help prospective new hike leaders select, plan and scout hikes. They may also join the hike day to help support the new leader as needed.


 Betty Boege

feboege@aol.com 925-933-9923
 Ellen Gilman drellgil@gmail.com 925-639-8964
 Brian Healy briangm48@gmail.com 925-937-6895
 Betsy Mutter dbmutt@comcast.net 925-254-3831

 Jean Nobbe

jeannobbe@gmail.com 925-930-0689
 Earl Sawyer earl.sawyer@sbcglobal.net 925-926-0601

Beth Branthaver  

bbranthaver@sbcglobal.net 510-502-4869
 Diddo Clark clarkpeacenow@gmail.com  

 Amy Daniels

cantoramydaniels@gmail.com  973-715-3093
 Jean Fiske  jdfiske@gmail.com 925-954-8710
 Don Geahry djgeahry@yahoo.com 925-949-8233
 Marie Kahn marika1571@comcast.net  925-954-7494
 Arlene Pitman pitwhit@yahoo.com 925-323-6545
 Marvin Schulman marvschulman@comcast.net 908-868-2843
 Harriet Schwartz rossmoor3316@gmail.com  201-563-6019

Alice Lau

as_lau@yahoo.com 925-280-2876
Doug Lins bb324doug@yahoo.com
 John Walkinshaw
Shirley Wiegand jtjb@mac.com  850-728-2010

Lucy Daggett 

lldaggett25@yahoo.com  925-813-4263
Marcelle Welch marcelle.welch@gmail.com 305-812-2097

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