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Trails Club of Rossmoor

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The role of the President will include the following:

  • Represents the Trails Club when interacting with the Golden Rain Foundation, Mutual Operations Dept. and Community interests both within and outside of Rossmoor.
  • Conducts all Board meetings using Roberts Rules of Order
  • Prepares a meeting agenda to ensure that meetings are run efficiently and productively. (See sample agenda form)
  • Invites the participation of all club members at publicized upcoming meetings.
  • Requests input from those on the Board and in Supporting Positions when drawing up the agenda
  • Arrives at the meeting with sufficient copies of the meeting agenda and any handouts for Board and participating club members.
  • Starts and ends meetings on time.
  • Works cooperatively in a mentoring relationship with the Vice President to ensure a smooth transition in club leadership from one year to the next.
  • Maintains an awareness of all club sponsored activities and asks for and receives information as needed from persons in Supporting Positions and Chairpersons for social events.
  • Follows up on delegated tasks from previous meetings.
  • Works jointly with the Treasurer to remain current on nonprofit tax regulations to ensure the Trail Club’s legal compliance.
  • Convenes the Nominating Committee and be prepared to present a slate of officers for the upcoming year at the annual October membership meeting.
  • Speaking from the throne 'Ex cathedra"

Trails Club of Rossmoor 1001 Golden Rain Road Walnut Creek, CA 94595

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